Room Inspiration - Woodland Bear

Get the Look

Looking for nursery decor ideas?

Check out my first inspiration board - Woodland Bear! I hope it give you ideas if you are looking to make a nursery, or child's bedroom. 
This was great fun to make, look out for more Style Boards coming soon. 

Bear nursery style board

Shopping Guide
1. Origami Paper Light by Orikomi
2. Felt Ball Rug by Winston and Grace Co
3. A Helping Hand Bear Print by Cheeky Chops Art
4. Grey Chevron Cushion by August Place UK
5. Bear Ears Chair by Forest Dream
6. Blue Chevron Cushion by Land of Pillows
7. Bear Clock by Homeloo
8. Removable Forest Wallpaper by Wallaby Walls
9. Bartholomew Bear by Jellycat

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