Exploring Art - One Illustration, 6 Ways


It's good to keep trying out new techniques. I like to try different classes on Skillshare to see how other illustrators do things. I found the class 'Develop Your Digital Art Style: Draw One Illustration Six Ways' by Stephanie Fizer Coleman. I thought creating the same illustration in different ways would be an interesting exercise to see if I discover new techniques to incorporate into my way of working. 

So, without further ado here are my six versions, and thoughts on the techniques.

1. Bold Line/Offset Color

I enjoyed creating simple bold shapes, I think it makes the illustration very clear to read and the offsetting creates interest. 


2. Bold Textured Shapes

This was fun to do. I like the vibrancy and the layered effect. 


3. Soft Pastels

I was less keen on how this one turned out. I prefer higher contrast, and the looser style doesn't really fit with my tendency to want to add details.


4. Coloured Pencils

This one was a bit hard on the hand, especially for covering large areas. I do like some of the texture it produces, and might use it again for smaller areas and details.


5. Folk Art Details

I felt like I was doodling on top of an illustration. I like adding little details, so had fun here. The overall effect could get a bit overwhelming, so placement and focal point is important to consider. 

 6. Simple Watercolour & Ink

My least favourite, I felt things got a little muddy, and I didn't enjoy using the watercolour brushes in Photoshop.If you would like to try this class for yourself you can get two FREE months of Skillshare here. You can try this and any of Skillshare's thousands of other creative classes, have fun!

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