Inside my Sketchbook - Woodland Animals


Take a look in my sketchbook and see how some of my woodland prints were created. 

Early Squirrel Sketches

I often write little notes to myself when developing characters. For example; 'Should parent squirrel be kissing the child?' I was reminding myself to try it the other way round, so the parent was the care giver. 

Squirrel character designs

Designing Bears

Here are a few concepts for bear characters that I tried out. A couple of these turned into prints that you can see in the shop

bear character design sketches

Lively Bear, Sleepy Bear 

This sketch shows my rough for my Lively Bear, Sleepy Bear print. The next stage was to create an inked version, then get painting. 

Rough bear illustration sketch

Fox Pattern Sketch

This one made it too. It's another one that is available in the shop. This was a fun one to do, I liked the idea of creating a pattern with a central fox motif. 

Fox pattern sketch

The finished Print!Fox print with a pattern around the fox.

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